My name is Eliezer Croitoru a Linux System Administrator and a Squid-Cache developer.

My main speciality is web and I have implemented servers for many purposes such as: SNMP, mail(SMTP, IMAP, POP3), DB, monitoring, Routing, FW and many others.

I have been reasearching the web since somewhere in the 200X and was introduced to the Squid-Cache project at about 2009 which evetually led me to publish the article "Caching Dynamic Content using Adaptation" and I implement software to improve caching the web using squid and other tools.

If you'd like, contact me at:
I am also avaliable for urgent cases at my mobile: +972-5-28704261



  • 2013 - Internet Rimon: Linux System Administrator
  • 2010 - Internet Rimon: Help Desk
  • 2007 - Semco Center AC Technical accessories: Storekeeper and IT manager
  • 2006 - Besheva Newspaper and INN TV: System Administrator Assistant



  • 2015 - LPIC Certification exams
  • 2012 - Scripting Languages Courses: bash, ruby, python, perl
  • 2011 - The Open University: Computer Science Introduction courses

Despite the fact that I am a Linux expert I believe that every situation requires assement and to my opinion for every purpuse there is a need to asses the right tool for the job.